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Original Quill Trainers

Both trainers are size and shape of the stainless steel Original Quills (standard size)

  • Blue Quill Trainer is rigid and 3D printed from PRO Series Nylon (procured from MatterHackers). This trainer is printed by G3DPrintables as a solid, rigid structure. The Blue Quill Trainer is best used to practice full impact blows, rakes, and hooks against Body Opponent Bags (or similar) and weapon retention exercises. 

  • Red Quill Trainer is flexible and 3D printed from Ninjaflex, a specially formulated thermoplastic polyurethane to provide flexibility and longevity. The Red Quill Trainer is printed by G3DPrintables with internal voids at the tips to cushion impact when sparring with a training partner. Ninjaflex material is made in York, Pennsylvania.

  • Diamond cross section comes to a blunt point.

Original Quill Trainers

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