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The Black Slim Quill

The same size as our Slim Quills

~1 ounce and ~3.5" long and ~1/3 thinner than the Original Quill

Fits smaller yet fierce fists

  • Dark surface finish is formed by rapid oxidation of hot steel exposed to air--a form of iron oxide. This finish is far more durable than a chemical patina.

  • The dark surface finish is removed on the pyramidal tip, chisel edge, and top corner of the Quill's diamond cross section (which is used for scraping tasks).

  • Hand forged from 303 stainless steel to resist corrosion 

  • Ergonomically designed for versatile grips and carry options

  • Diamond cross section comes to a pyramidal point

  • Hand filed to break edges on the corners for additional grip comfort

The Black Slim Quill

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