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The DickPick

The DickPick multitool packs pricking, picking, prying, and light percussive hammering into a slim size that can be comfortably worn along the front of your waistline or tucked in your pocket. Rapidly accessible and potent.

  • Approximately 6-1/2” long, 3" from hammer face to prying edge, and 3 ounces in weight

  • Water-jet cut from 1/4” thick 420 stainless steel for a square cross section to provide maximum stiffness at minimum weight.

  • Hand filed with chamfered edges for comfortable grip.

  • Stout ice pick tip for strength, quite pointy.

  • Heat treated to ~50 Rockwell C for toughness.

  • Your purchase includes a kydex carry system with shock cord tethering the sheath to a strong plastic alligator clamp to secure against clothing. Eyelets are spaced to be compatible with aftermarket carry clips.

The DickPick

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