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The Thumper WearClub


  • Thumpers are CNC machined from straight grain Pennsylvania hickory, tapering in thickness along its length so center of mass is shifted forward towards impact zone.

  • The hickory surface has been rasped and hand scraped for a textured grip and is immersed in boiled linseed oil then charred for a water resistant finish.

  • ~18" overall length and a compact cross section--this can be comfortably carried tucked inside the waistband for streamlined concealed carry (easier to do if the wearer is 5'8" or greater in height)

  • Ball section is ~2-5/8" diameter, nominally circular, and ~1" thick

  • A 3/8" diameter x ~2-7/8" long 4140 steel rod has been ground to hard cornered impact face to bite into target materials for full momentum transfer. This rod projects ~1/2" from the ball section and adds ~1.5 ounces to the impact zone

  • The rod is deeply inserted into the ball section--this connection is resin reinforced

  • The butt of the handle comes to a chisel tip for concentrated blows

  • Like traditional wooden warclubs, the Thumper is designed to strike soft target materials--it is not for clobbering into steel plates, concrete blocks, etc.
  • Average weight ~ 11.5 oz +/- 2 oz

The Thumper WearClub

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