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Wingard Wearables provides quality products paired with valuable content because we want our customers to be as prepared as possible.


We continually demonstrate techniques and post training tips so you get the most out of your purchases. This content covers practical utility, self defense, and unique tricks to master your weapon.



Tim Gillett is a very valuable person because of his sheer knowledge, expertise, experience, and the knack for thinking different. Wingard Wearables is proud to work with Tim to thoroughly explore the capabilities of our new weapons.

Tim invented the Scorpion Self Defense Garment, a rope fighting entangle-and-strangle weapon system that's streamlined to body. Tim got on Wingard Wearable's radar when he demonstrated this very counter-intuitive, yet extremely effective new martial arts system specifically designed to exploit all the Scorpion's capabilities. His new ways of thinking pair well with Wingard Wearable's unconventional weapon concepts.

Tim Gillett is an instructor for hand-to-hand combatives, submission fighting (Cage and Ring), stick grappling, rope fighting, edged weapons, and CQC and forced entry. He has served on tactical teams in Massachusetts Department of Corrections, took direct action in numerous violent encounters, responded to riots, and assisted in development of Use of Force policy. Tim is also a private security specialist, has provided personal protection to VIPs, and served as head of security for major night clubs in Boston, MA. 


You can meet Tim at Gillett's Mixed Martial Arts in Tiverton, RI. It's next door to the Atlantic Sports Bar & Restaurant--go there and order the Chicken Mozambique.