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The Quill

The Quill

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The Quill is curved, compact, and conforms to your hand.
The Quill is a handy everyday tool—tackling the more abusive daily tasks that can damage a blade. Great for pricking, scraping, removing small parts and pieces, light prying tasks, and even honing a knife’s edge. The Quill also puts a spike in your fist for percussive impact in a variety of grips. 

The Quill tucks into place for effortless carry. Instead of a needle-sharp tip that requires a carry system, it features a strong pyramidal point that concentrates force both in percussive strikes and controlled awl-like or rudimentary tearing tasks.



  • Hand forged from 303 stainless steel

  • Curved diamond cross section and hand finished surface is comfortable to grip

  • Thin, ergonomic design enables skilled hand tasks while holding the Quill

  • The Quill comes in three sizes—the Slim Quill, the Original Quill, and the Quill XL. Go to our store page for the details on the dimensions for the Quill size that is right for you!

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