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Available in limited quantities




Short leaf blade and streamlined handle combine for easy penetration and extraction in soft materials.

The thumb pad enforces intuitive hand-eye coordination--think jabbing at an object with your thumb. Very accurate and very easy.


Rectangular pommel functions as a small hammer face for tasks requiring controlled light impact. 


The Micropike multitool is simple, fast, and powerful.

Think an ultra compact spear contoured to the belt line.


The micropike has versatile handling options because it's virtually all handle.

Use the single hand grip for maximum standoff and precise targeting.

Use the two hand grip for maximum power and in confined space. The chest, shoulders, and body weight are engaged to drive the point to the target--think a battering ram. Powerful.


Use the reverse grip for impact. In emergency response, think breaking automobile glass and cutting a seatbelt with the short micropike blade.

In combat, the single hand grip can use the pommel in devastating hammer fist strikes.    


Faster, longer, and easier to carry than fighting knives.


  • Hand forged from O1 tool steel

  • 2" blade is below most blade length regulations

  • Weight: 9-10 oz.

  • Each hand forged micropike is unique.