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The Sparrowhawk packs utility, throwing, and combative capabilities in a compact size. This design is a fusion of concepts from the Medieval hurlbat, African hunga munga, and 18th century “all iron” tomahawks used on the North American frontier.

The blade is for chops, utility cuts, and thrusts. The spike has a rounded edge to reduce risk of self injury, yet will kinetically bury into soft material. The spike is also a secondary gripping surface for finer cutting tasks and is good for grubbing and “pre-tapping” holes in the ground for setting stakes. Percussively pound with the flat sides of the tomahawk head. The head and neck are over 1/2” thick, maximizing mass in the impact zone. That greater girth is excellent for batoning and splitting tasks. The tomahawk’s handle is thinned down to reduce overall weight and features a thick leather cord wrap that is secured in holes and slots. The end of the handle is flat tipped—good for splitting up small pieces of wood by batoning. It also concentrates impact in blows and throws.



  • Full tang construction, wax investment cast from 4340 steel heat treated to ~53 Rockwell C.

  • Handle has a 1/8” thick leather cord wrap for secure grip retention and eliminates hand shock in chops.

  • Weight: ~17-18 oz.

  • Overall length is ~12-1/4”.

  • Chopping edge and spike are both over 3-1/2” long. Chopping edge to spike tip is ~6-1/2”.

  • Carry system consists of kydex covers for the chopping edge, spike tip, and butt of the handle, and comes with three strong alligator clamps to attach to clothing or paracord shoulder harness for underarm carry.

  • Each Sparrowhawk is free hand ground, hand sharpened, and finished with a handwoven leather grip.

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