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Inspired from historic spike tomahawks, the Stingray is designed for utility and throwing. This compact design is easily carried in a variety of ways. The Stingray is lightweight for open carry when tucked in your belt or on your pack for a hike on the trail, and can be discretely carried inside the waistband or clipped inside a coat or to a shoulder harness.


The primary edge is very curved for concentrated chops, and flares in both directions for sticks at off-angled impacts. The spike is chisel-tipped for grubbing, hand drilling, and reducing risk of self injury compared to sharp-tipped straight spikes. It is a ramp-like shape for sticking deeply into targets even at off-angled impacts. The spike’s length provides a secondary grip for ulu-like utility tasks and novel techniques. 



  • The tomahawk head is cast from 5160 steel, heat treated to ~59 Rockwell C, then taken to a ground surface finish, with hand sharpened chopping and chisel edges

  • The handle and wedge are straight grain hickory

  • The tomahawk eye features five ribs running parallel with the handle to reinforce the security of the axe head when wedged

  • Hand scraped handle with branding for shagreen texture

  • Weight: ~13 oz.

  • Overall length is ~12-1/2”, chopping edge is ~2-5/8” wide, spike is ~4-1/8” long, and the tomahawk head is ~ 7-1/4” long.

  • Comes with a quick release kydex carry system.

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