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The Love Handle is curved to the waistline for comfortable everyday carry. Inspired by traditional trailing point knives, your Love Handle is designed for utility cutting and combative capabilities. The tip is strong for piercing soft materials. The trailing edge excels at draw cuts, slicing, and rocking cuts. The spine has hard corners for scraping—especially on rounded surfaces like sticks or ferro rods.

The Love Handle is guardless, so in forceful use, grip such that the hand completely surrounds the base of the handle to reduce risk of grip slip. Watch our grip slip test in the video below.


  • Full tang construction from 3/16” thick 80CRV2 steel at ~54-56 Rockwell C. The blade has a flat grind and strong tip.

  • Grip scales are black paper micarta secured with black paper micarta pins. The handle is contoured into a coke bottle profile with 6 hand filed grooves on both sides for additional texture. 

  • Weight: blade averages ~6.5-8.1 oz. and ~10 oz. in sheath.

  • Overall length is ~11”, sharpened edge is ~7” long from tip to ricasso. Ricasso thru end of handle is ~4” long.

  • Sheath comes with two Discrete Carry Concept clips attached with fasteners and two Ranger bands to maintain clip orientation. Clips are spaced for wearing inside the waistband, across the front of the body, but the clips can be removed or relocated for other carry orientations.

  • Each Love Handle is free hand ground, hand filed, and unique.

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