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Available now in limited quantities


Named after the waterbird which spears its prey and stabs its enemies, the Darter multitool packs practical utility and tactical potency with bronze age vibes and high character.


The bird's beak acts as a punch, marlin spike, and is penetrating in the pommel strike.


Grip through the central ring and master the rapid and secure transition between hammer, thrust and ice pick grips.

This unique ring guard also functions as a bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold one after a day vanquishing your chores and enemies.


The short blade on the long streamline handle is practical for utility cutting applications, makes for a very quick draw, and provides the reach and penetration depth matching that of much heavier fighting knives.  


  • Hand forged from two steels--O1 tool steel blade is forge welded with mild steel

  • Combination of propane oxidation and brass rubbed finish gives a wholesome, handsome appearance

  • The sub-2-1/2" blade is below most blade length regulations

  • Over 7" from ring guard to blade tip

  • Length: 12-1/2" to 13"

  • Weight: 6-7 oz.

  • Each hand forged darter is unique